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of our products

Tukan Sport brand products have been designed and created in our factory in Poland.
Excellent quality, attention to detail and modern design definitely distinguishes our products.
Tukan Sport provides lifetime warranty for all its products.
We are proud that our products are made in poland and enjoy the recognition of our customers.

Tito podpis mniejsze zdjęcie

Ambassador of the Brand Rafał Tito

Tukan Sport uses products at work, but also during expeditions and family camps.

My dance group Tito Dance Studio is the best recommendation of the reliability and durability of Tukan Sport products.

During everyday trainings and dance shows, backpacks are tested by a group of 65 kids.

I recommend the Tukan Sport brand to everyone.


You design
We create

Designing a product is a real challenge ...

And if your idea for your own unique product does not have to end with the order of huge quantities and the risk that the product will not accept a narynku.

Tukan Sport gives you the opportunity to create any series that is involved in the selection and allows you to produce your own product.

Make an appointment with the Tukan Sport design department and check how much you can get.